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Europeans are NOT free

Originally posted 7th July 2017

“You’re a slave in your own country, White Man. Each year you get to keep less of the fruits of your labor; each year it gets more difficult to carry the burden the aliens have placed upon you; each year the cheap labor of aliens makes your future less secure; each year you retreat a few steps more into the world of slavery.” – George Lincoln Rockwell.

It is a nonsense to believe that Europeans are free in the 21st Century. We constantly here about how non-Europeans are oppressed by a ‘racist white society’ and by a ‘white power structure,’ yet how many whites actually stop to consider that it is they who are not free?

When you think of a supposedly free people living in a supposedly ‘democratic’ Western society in the first world, you never imagine that this relatively well off populace could be among the most oppressed and un-free people in the world.

How and why are Europeans not free?

Mentally Enslaved

Europeans the world over are mentally enslaved by the enemy controlled institutions of mass media, academia, Hollywood and the music industry. These occupied, subversive and manipulative institutions push a poisonous message for European consumption. The message is one of race denialism, race mixing, degeneracy, homosexuality, feminism, transgenderism and anything else that corrupts the individual mind thereby corrupting the collective mind and the subsequent erosion of the very identity of the target population.

These poisonous manipulators and mind groomers attack Western morality, culture, racial identity, sexual norms and natural innate differences in order to deconstruct society and remake it in their own image. What you see today is that dystopian image.

Essentially, mass culture has been reconstructed to attack a society, culture and people deemed as being an obstacle to Globalist/Judeo-Communist/Cultural Marxist goals.

This mental enslavement has been a primary goal of those who seek the downfall of the West because if you control the mind you control society. If you control the mind of the masses via all avenues of public influence you can convince them of anything, even to celebrate their own societal, racial and cultural atrophy.

We have been psychologically engineered into becoming enemies to ourselves and our own hedonistic desires, our individualism and a lack of identification with who we are as a collective racial and cultural group.

Financially enslaved

Europeans are financially enslaved to the dogma of state enforced multiculturalism and diversity. They are financially enslaved to the criminal practice of usury and extortionate taxation by their governments to pay off national debts accumulated as a result of usury. This is a financial system and poltical system dedicated to the ruination of Western Civilisation as it was, and European identity as it is, and as it has been for thousands of years. This is a financial stranglehold that controls people through perpetual debt slavery.

Via the taxes paid by hard working Europeans, the hostile elite proceed to destroy their nations. Europeans unwittingly fund the expansion of the multiculturalism project by their tax money paid to criminal, corrupt and treacherous globalist establishments.

Not only is it a result of paying their taxes to a hostile elite working against their best interests, Europeans also aid in their own displacement in practical terms.

When new homes are being built to accommodate mass immigration and the population increase that comes about as a result, then they are facilitating their own displacement. Similarly with hospitals, roads, prisons, public transport etc.

The infrastructure for forced multiculturalism has to be paid for and built by someone, and it is the European who is doing both. At the same time as doing this, it is the European that is the target of state sponsored demographic terrorism and Genocide by the very infrastructure he is paying for and building.

Europeans work to pay their own bills at the same time as paying those taxes to the government who bring the immigrants in. The infrastructure for multiculturalism is not only paid for by Europeans, but is also built by them and it is done so under the idea of having a good work ethic and ‘doing the right thing’ by being a ‘good citizen paying the bills’ not realising that it is this characteristic of the European that is being weaponised against us.

Europeans go to work in the hope that they can provide a better future for their children. However this is an extremely naive idea considering the future that is actually being created outside of the individual family home. People tend to look at things from their own immediate perspective of close family needs rather than look at the bigger picture and what sort of country and society their children and grandchildren will inherit.

It is an individualistic and almost selfish way of looking at things. It is a very libertarian way of looking at things but which in reality is nothing short of suicidal naivety. The family home is a microcosm of the nation. If you don’t look after the family it collapses as does the nation. If the nation collapses then the family is utterly defenceless. A strong nation is the best form of protection for the family home. Therefore people who place a great emphasis on working for the betterment of the family should also take into consideration the long-term implications of what state enforced multiculturalism will have upon the nation and the families that future generations go on to create.

Legally Enslaved

“A slave is he who cannot speak his own thought.” – Euripides

Europeans are enslaved to a legal system that is used by the destroyers of Western nations to browbeat them into submission via self-censorship. Europeans are no longer free to speak their minds without fear of reprisals from the enemy controlled legal system. What is being done to the West has the backup of a legal system designed to suppress any manifestation of dissent. The fear of imprisonment, media attack and leftist intimidation leads people to self-censor which allows the anti-Western agenda to continue unabated.

We are governed by anti-white tyrants who use the full force of the law to quash all political dissenters.

The underhand attempts to coerce social media giants into further curtailing freedom of speech is another example of how Europeans are not free. This targeting of social media for censorship is because of the growing awakening among European people and is intended to stem the free-flow of information that is leading to that awakening.

As Frank Ellis said in his book ‘Political Correctness and the Theoretical Struggle: From Lenin and Mao to Marcuse and Focault’

What is it about political correctness that inspires such fear among people in free and open societies? Indeed, can socities in which people are subjected to such psychological pressure to conform to the articles of multiculturalism and feminism — the coercion of “or else”, already noted —really be said to be open and free?’

It is the fear of being labelled and of being stigmatised that is the power from which our enemies derive their control over us. It is a form of psychological control that allows our enemies to continue their disintegration of our race nations and culture. Without that control they would not be able to succeed and this is the truly devastating impact of Cultural Marxism. It forces people to stand idly by as their race, nation and culture are destroyed before their very eyes.

Politically Not Free

Europeans are not free to politically organise in our own interests. Europeans are expected to adopt political ideologies that perpetuate the ongoing destruction of European nations. If Europeans form political party’s or organisations that stand up for the interests of Europeans, then they are routinely attacked by political opponents, ideological opponents, the media and the legal system. If a political narrative arises that stands opposed to state enforced multiculturalism, then it is immediately targeted by the powers that be not only with toxic vilification, but with violence. Europeans are not allowed their own advocay groups, they are expected to keep quiet and vote for political party’s that work against their best interests as a group.

We see this trend of political suppression in all Western nations and it manifests itself in a number of ways. There is the violent Repressive Tolerance employed by the antifa communists and anarchists as well as incessant media derision. There is the moral outrage employed by the mainstream political establishment that come together to denounce as ‘racist’ any party that doesn’t conform to the established narrative of multiracialism.

There are well funded organisations that are dedicated to targeting ONLY white advocacy groups. These organisations exist in every Western nation. In America there is the ADL and the SPLC, in the UK there are Hope Not Hate, Searchlight and the UAF. All of these have major financial backing and are ideologically to see Western Civilisation and white European identity destroyed.

Europeans are not thinking rationally and logically about the long-term implications of mass immigration and forced multiculturalism because of this incessant assault by the establishment on their consciousness. Whenever Europeans see a political party begin to rise that speaks for them, they see this political party attacked from all angles and agents of the state attempting to bring it down.

All people, races and cultures have the right to self-determination except for Europeans. Self-determination for Europeans is described as being racist and intolerant by our enemies because they want to destroy our identity through racial and cultural replacement.

We are not free to exist as Europeans in Europe, we are not free to pass on European nations to our children, we are not free to live without multiculturalism being forced upon us.

A people that are truly free have control over their own destiny, Europeans do not have that control. To use an analogy used by George Lincoln Rockwell when he referred to the American ship of state being steered onto the rocks intentionally by the Jews and Communists – Europe is also being steered recklessly, not by Europeans with the best interests of Europeans in mind, it is being steered into oblivion by the enemies of the European people and of Western Civilisation. They do this because a Europe being steered in the right way, is a threat to their globalist aspirations of absolute control over an identity bereft mass of zombified consumers.

‘No one is truly free, they are a slave to wealth, fortune, the law, or other people restraining them from acting according to their will.’ – Euripides

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