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Moderates and the Increasing Polarisation of Politics

Originally posted 9th March 2017

The increasing polarisation of politics in the West means that it is inevitable that those who consider themselves to be in the centre of the political ground will move further to the left or the right. The centre ground of politics is finished. The people now realise that the centre ground is where the corrupt political establishment of tweedle-dee and tweedle-dum is entrenched and from where they deceive the masses with lies in the service of Globalism.

It is down to us all as Nationalists to inform the people as to exactly why it is that those on the far left of politics are the useful idiots of the nation, culture and identity destroying Globalist establishment.

The increasing political violence which we have seen coming from the left, is a result of leftist intolerance of alternative political opinions. It isn’t Nationalists engaging in political violence across the West, it is the left who are seeing their narrative and dominance over the public consciousness falling apart as Nationalist Populism rises everywhere.

Only Nationalism can be a true bulwark against Globalist destruction. Those who would class themselves as being Conservatives or moderates will not be able to escape from the fact that they are the enemy of the Communsitic and Anarchistic left. They will soon come to understand that they will be called racists, Fascists and Nazis regardless of what they say or do because they do not support the Cultural Marxist agenda. They will be attacked verbally and physically in exactly the same way. The enemies of the West make no distinction between Nationalists and moderate Conservatives when they employ violent Repressive Tolerance to silence political opposition.

The moderates on the right will also eventually come to realise that the Conservatism they support is not really Conservativism at all and is as bad as the destructive agenda of the left. Conservatism is just as engaged in the demographic destruction of Western nations as the left are.

The political centre both ‘left’ and ‘right’ is completely controlled by international finance. The political centre is the where the illusion of democracy shows itself and is where the hidden hand has most control over the masses.

Eventually the moderates and Conservatives will see that they have allies in Nationalists against the despicable Cultural Marxist and Globalist elite. They will come to embrace Nationalism as they realise that we stand for the same things. The preservation of the nation and its cultural identity, anti-immigration, pro-tradition, pro-family etc. There is more we agree on than disagree on and whether they realise it or not, the future political environment means that they will have to come around to the natural Nationalist way of thinking eventually because there will be no other option. The Communsitic and Anarchistic left will make sure of that. The levels of violence and intimidation that the left will employ will make the moderate Conservatives move to a more Nationalist way of thinking. It will become an unavoidable necessity.

The good thing is, is that the vast majority of people do not support or believe in the nihilistic worldview of the left. Most people love their nations, they love their culture and heritage but it takes something drastic to bring them to action. It is the antics and violence of the left that is stirring the sleeping giant of Nationalism – and when it finally awakes, the left will be swept aside in the coming Nationalist resurgence.

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