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Nationalism is NOT Extremism

Originally posted Sept 9th 2017

Extremism is defined as follows:

A person who holds extreme political or religious views, especially one who advocates illegal, violent, or other extreme action.’

Considering the definition of ‘extremism’ above, what is so extremist about wanting to protect and preserve the continuity of your people and culture so that your children and grandchildren have a place beneath the sun that they can call their own?

It is completely natural to want to protect and preserve what has been bequeathed to you by your ancestors, it is completely abnormal to want to see it destroyed. Why would any group of people be they European, African or Asian, want to willingly eradicate their own unique identity that goes back thousands of years? If anything, it is extremist to desire that this unique identity be destroyed as part of purposeful government policy.

All other races and cultures protect and preserve their identity, yet it is portrayed as being a pathology when Europeans suggest that European racial and cultural identity should be safeguarded from the onslaught of third-world immigration and state enforced multiculturalism.

Nothing is said about ethnocentrism amongst Africans, Asians or Jews, but European ethnocentrism is portrayed as being morally abominable and as something that is to be deconstructed both psychologically and physically. Any notion of European self-preservation (the first law of nature) is said be a result of neurosis.

What they expect Europeans to do, is to believe in the lies they are told about diversity and enrichment, they want Europeans to apathetically acquiesce to their own demise. As far as the enemies of European people are concerned, Europeans should remain quiet and not speak out against their displacement lest they be called names and have their right to freedom of speech violently suppressed.

State Enforced Multiculturalism is state extremism

There is nothing more extreme than orchestrating the demographic transformation of a people without their consent, through the force of the law and manipulation of the media. There is nothing more extreme than denying them their right to speak out about it, organise against it and to try and make their fellow Europeans aware of it.

The goal of transforming the entire racial and cultural identity of a target people is genocide and genocide is the very worst form of extremism. You don’t have to kill people in order to be engaged in genocide. The intentional replacement of a population through government sanctioned mass immigration and media lies about the so-called benefits of it are what we can call demographic genocide and this is what Europeans everywhere are experiencing.

If what is happening across the West was to be happening in just one African nation ie mass European immigration that was permanently altering the racial and cultural identity of that nation, then the same virtue signalling advocates of ‘diversity’ for whites, would be up in arms wailing about white racism and colonisation. This is a clear example of the hypocrisy in relation to so-called ‘diversity,’ it is a deception that is designed for European consumption alone. Europeans are expected to believe in the ‘benefits’ of ‘diversity’ despite the obvious evidence that suggests far from it being ‘beneficial’ and ‘enriching,’ it is destructive and a great source of weakness and conflict. Never is it mentioned that this ‘beneficial racial diversity’ under the banner of multiculturalism is only being imposed on Europeans.

If it was so desirable, so beneficial and enriching then why aren’t Asian and African nations clamouring for it? Why hasn’t Japan—a nation with an ageing and declining population— flung open its borders to sub-Saharan Africa and diversified themselves? Why haven’t millions of Europeans made Nairobi their destination of choice for starting a new life? What we are seeing in the West is an extreme form of demographic and social engineering that is targeting one specific population and this should be enough for people of European descent to understand the deceptive nature of ‘diversity.’

Antifa Extremism

Anyone who has been unfortunate enough to witness the behaviour of the so-called ‘anti-fascist’ movement would be left in no doubt whatsoever about the political and ideological extremism that they display in attacking their political rivals.

There is only one group currently engaged in denying another group their right to exist and identify as that group with specific interests to them. There is only one group engaged in terroristic behaviour to achieve political goals and that group is Antifa, a Communist/Anarchist organisation that uses extreme violence as a tool to silence free speech.

We have seen this extreme violence employed across the West, especially in America in recent months, but this is something that has been happening in Europe for decades. The tactics of Antifa are well-known in Europe, they initiate violence to ensure that free speech is stopped and so Nationalist meetings or protests are associated with chaos and violence. They then play the victim of ‘fascist violence’ and claim to be ‘defending’ working class communities from Fascism.

They do this in the hope that Nationalist groups will be designated as violent and extreme so that the establishment can ban them. Antifa are all about attacking ideas that they don’t agree with, they are against the free exchange of ideas and the dissemination of those ideas calling them ‘hate speech,’ which is nothing but a psychological conditioning tactic to associate Nationalist ideas with ‘hate.’

Antifa openly call for violent action, illegality and extreme repression of political opponents, yet the focus seems to be on the so-called extremism of Nationalists who simply want to speak freely.

The most recent example of how Antifa works was in Charlottesville where the state and Antifa colluded to have the Nationalist rally banned by allowing violence to occur. The police failed in their duty to defend the Nationalists First Amendment rights because they were ordered to stand down as Antifa were allowed to rampage through the streets attacking people. Again this shows the sinister links between what the globalist establishment wants and what the Antifa want. What the gullible Antifa don’t realise, is that they were used to achieve the goals of the state that day, the state they claim to hate. They are nothing but the useful idiots and attack dogs of Globalism.

In Britain during the 1930s, the British Union of Fascists under the leadership of Sir Oswald Mosley were routinely attacked by Communists. Their rallies and meetings would descend into violence and chaos because of the very same tactics employed by Antifa today. Eventually a public order act was passed in 1936 which limited what the BUF could do. No longer could a rally be held without police consent and the wearing of political uniform was banned. This could be the outcome of the increasing political violence in America, the passing of new laws which restricts the right to freedom of assembly and from what we have seen in Charlottesville, the local governments and police forces in America would not hesitate to ban Nationalist rallies, all they need is an excuse, and Antifa violence gives them just what they need.

The situation in the West is abnormal, and this abnormal situation has been purposefully engineered to disposess and replace and entire identifiable group. This abnormal situation is being forced onto a dumbed down people and those who are aware of what is going on are silenced by one means or another.

The only reason people are being silenced, websites taken down, Facebook pages banned and people being arrested, is because those behind what is going on in the West know that there is a growing awareness of what is happening and an unstoppable awakening. They are trying to slow this awakening down so that by the time it has become common knowledge it will be too late to do anything about it.

What they want is for the immigration issue and the dogmatic tyranny of forced multiculturalism to be considered as unimportant to the masses so that they can proceed with their agenda unheeded. What they don’t want is political parties or movements pointing out how damaging it is because then it becomes the centrepiece of political discussion with more people demanding immigration controls etc. That is why those political parties and movements speaking out are described as being extreme.

This newfound consciousness which is spreading like wildfire has come about directly because of what is being termed the ‘alt-right’ and other non-conformist groups that have had huge success in reaching our people online by offering up for consideration different viewpoints and presenting previously unheard of information to a European people increasingly thirsting for an explanation about what is going on. This information which is factually sound and self-evident, has been digested by a great many of our people who have also passed it on to others who have been ‘red-pilled’ as the saying goes. The targeting of the free dissemination of this information through intimidation, violence, repression and legal means is extremism personified.

What they want is control of the narrative by force if necessary, they want the public to be presented with a biased one-sided set of opinions that props up the diversity deception. What they are doing to the West is malevolent and intentional, and the only way they can achieve their aims is via extreme forms of repression both psychologically and physically.

They fear what the verdict of the court of public opinion would be if the public were to be given the opportunity to hear that alternative narrative. To ensure that this doesn’t happen they engage in extreme acts of violence to achieve political goals which by definition is not only extremism, but terrorism. The free exchange of ideas and discourse is—or should be—a hallmark of the West which should be upheld regardless of whether one agrees with the opposing viewpoint or not.

The acts of extreme violence employed to make sure that this isn’t the case is a hallmark of the extreme Communistic left that march under the banner of ‘anti-fascism’ or ‘anti-racism.’ They aren’t concerned about ‘racism’ they care only about preventing the public acceptance of Nationalist ideas because it exposes their own fallacious and unnatural ideology. They use the mask of ‘anti-racism’ as a cloak to gain public acceptance of their violent activities and to occupy the moral high ground which they believe gives them a moral justification to use whatever is at their disposal to attack opponents.

Again this is the very definition of extremism but it is never spoken about in the lamestream media where the marauding Communists are presented to the public as being the good guys. This just goes to show how the media works in tandem with the street thugs of Antifa at least on an ideological level.

Boxing Clever and Reaching Our People More Effectively

I have always been of the opinion that engaging in the domain of the Antifa psychological playground is self-defeating and actually serves to reinforce our enemies portrayal of Nationalism and perpetuates the idea that Nationalists are all about violence.

Surely by now we must understand how it works. It has been the case for many decades. The Communists want us where they can attack us, and that is when we are a large visible entity that they can scream and shout at, throw projectiles at, mace, violently assault etc. Once chaos ensues as a result of a rally then the job of antifa is complete. They cause the trouble, portray themselves as victims, and put all of the blame onto the ‘fascists’ and of course their allies in the media are more than happy to run with it. It is the same sketch every single time.

Of course Nationalists should be able to rely on the police to ensure that Antifa are not allowed to disrupt free speech, but the truth is that the police at the highest levels are not on our side and Nationalists shouldn’t rely on them.

Antifa don’t engage in debate, they don’t want to defeat Nationalist ideas with superior ideas because they can’t, so they resort to violence. To achieve this they want Nationalists on the street so that they can be attacked. When a rally is announced months or weeks in advance then it gives them the opportunity to organise which means Nationalists play right into their hands.

The best way to get around this is to hold flash demo’s or flash rallies that don’t give our enemies time to mobilise and so the Nationalist message can be delivered.

In conclusion

If I were to say to you that a home for everybody is a home for nobody, then most people would probably agree that a home is for your immediate family and whilst you may be very welcoming to extended family and friends, the home is still primarily for you and your immediate family. Why then, if I were to say that a Nation for everybody is a Nation for nobody, would certain people try and portray that as extremism? The Nation is basically a home for the national, ethnic and cultural group regardless of whether it is a European nation or not. If the national home was open to anyone and everyone, then it ceases to become a home and becomes a meaningless landmass in which anybody can lay claim to it.

If there is no definable British identity for example in terms of culture and ethnicity, then what is Britain and can Britain be maintained in any meaningful way that represents the Britain that has existed for thousands of years? If Africans or Asians (or a combination of both) become the majority population in Britain then Britain ceases to exist. The same is true of any Western nation having mass population changing immigration forced upon it.

What the enemies of the European people and the West want to do, is to totally redefine what a nation is by psychologically manipulating the native population into believing that there is nothing to protect, preserve or pass on because the identity of a nation is malleable and is not set in stone. If a nation can be anything, then where does the desire and motivation to protect it come from?

Laws have been put in place to inhibit free and open discussion on matters of race and forced multiculturalism and those who are pushing it. Those who adhere to the laws of nature and who believe in her very first law which is self-preservation, have been labeled as extremists. If this is the case, then extremism must apply to every living species on the the planet.

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