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Nationalists must champion the interests of the working class

Nationalism cannot succeed in the West without the mass support of the majority white working class people of Westrrn nations. Nationalists have to take on their concerns and address them in order to win them over to our side. Nationalists have always been for the working class due to the fact that the destructive policies of Globalism impacts them more than any other group, however sometimes the focus can be on mass immigration and Globalism whereas the everyday concerns of the white working class also need to be considered. It is also true that the vast majority of Nationalists are working class themselves who rightly see through the lies of the left which proclaims to represent them and Nationalists are those who try and articulate this fraudulent leftist worldview to their fellow countrymen.

The working class will embrace Nationalism if they see it addressing their everyday issues and it is this which the establishment really fears. It is also the reason why the white working class are being replaced through mass third-world immigration. The unreliable anti-revolutionary and ‘reactionary’ working class were seen as being a barrier to the revolution being exported out of Russia. The third-world immigrant is seen as being a more reliable revolutionary in that he can be whipped up into a frenzy of anti-Western anti-white hatred based on a narrative of victimhood which advances the anti-Western agenda of the left. These immigrant groups are more likely to serve the agenda of the left because they absolutely no loyalty or connection to our homelands and civilisation.

Nationalists believe in the eradication of class distinctions in favour of national unity and work towards the realisation of this. The left work in direct opposition to this and seek national disunity through agitating class conflict. The left don’t want to see a nation pulling together in mutual co-operation and prefer to see national and societal discord, in fact they thrive off it, it is the fuel they need for their ideological fire to keep burning. Without perpetual class conflict and class based agitation they would have no ideology to propagate. That isn’t to say the working class don’t have legitimate interests as a class, of course they do. However those interests are not in direct opposition to the nation, but are in direct opposition to the deceptive narrative of the anti white working class left and the globalist political establishment that controls the nation.

The nation is the workers extended home and the worker has as much interest in protecting his nation as he does is home. What he needs however is to see that the people running the affairs of his nation are not his enemy and Nationalists have to change the narrative provided by the left which states that the ‘worker has no nation’ and that the worker should have no loyalty or connection to the nation. If we let the left continue to dominate this narrative which turns worker against country and which makes them apathetic to the long-term interests of the country then we only have ourselves to blame. If the left are the only ones offering up an alternative to the working class regardless of that alternative being predicated upon lies, then we can’t be surprised if the working class continue to fall for the lure leftist political parties.

Across Europe we are starting to see Nationalists appeal to the working class with increasing success but this success has to be replicated in all European nations and has to be backed up with real political action in the interests of workers and there nations. Only then can we realise the goal of doing away with class conflict brought about a parasitic usurious Globalist cabal that controls international finance and their leftist useful idiots that try and use workers as a battering ram against the nation.

Nationalism is the only ideology for a nations working class. Internationalism destroys the national home and Globalism displaces the national worker. Nationalism protects, and it protects and ensures the best interests of working class people. Nationalism sees the worker and the nation as being two crucial elements of a safe, harmonious and functioning society that benefits all.

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