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Repressive Tolerance and Social Media

Originally posted 9th August 2018

Most people are well aware of the attempts by violent leftists to shut down free speech on university campuses and at protests and demonstrations held by patriotic and Nationalist groups. The tactics employed by the left to prevent the fair hearing of an opposing political point of view consist of intimidation, violence, obstruction, disruption and sabotage are also well known.

This intolerant strategy has a name which we have mentioned in many previous articles and that name is Repressive Tolerance. Once these tactics have been employed and chaos has ensued, the left – with help from their media and government allies – play victim so as to portray the alternative message and those speaking it as being violent and aggressive in nature with the aim of deterring the public from considering anything that diverges from the leftist narrative. The public largely remains unaware of the fact that the instigators of the violence are those on the left who want to be seen as ‘defenders’ of the vulnerable and oppressed masses. It is a tactic that has worked for them over the years, but with the free-flow of information on the internet and the ease with which video footage can be uploaded, people are now becoming aware of exactly who it is that is causing the trouble.

What isn’t so well understood is that these tactics of the left have been brought into the theatre of the online information war which to date Nationalists are undeniably winning hence the attempts to censor and silence groups and individuals presenting alternative views. An excellent article by Dr Andrew Joyce has recently been published on the attempts to censor the internet which presently is the last source of information that is still relatively free from control by the enemies of the West. It is the free-flow of information and the awakening that it brings about which they fear and which they are now trying to stop through censorship laws. Once they succeed in bringing about legislation to censure the internet then their hegemonic control over the consiousness of the masses will be restored. The Left have taken their street strategy of extreme repressive tolerance to the online theatre of the information and culture war supported by big globalist tech companies.

The left are utterly incapable of countering the arguments made by Nationalists and so the only option open to them is to silence that message. The internet has offered Nationalists an invaluable tool with which we are able to reach people on an unprecedented scale waking many many people up in the process. At the touch of a button, an article, a meme, or the thoughts of one person can be shared and viewed millions of times. This magnitude of reach has the left literally in a state of panic because that message they seek to silence is a message of truth that cannot be countered with rational or factual rebuttals. The lefts argument is based on intentional deceit, manipulative emotional propaganda and sheer fantasy which can never stand up to an argument that is based on the observable realities of everyday life for the people of Europe.

When the Nationalist message is brought onto the street the left have a visible target to attack, however when that message is online they can’t so easily suppress and silence that message because it is not a physical presence that they can attack. As a result they have to resort to other measures. The left want Nationalists to operate in their preferred arena which is on the street.

Facebook as we all know is an enemy platform that both serves and promotes a Globalist agenda that desires open borders, homosexuality, feminism, transgenderism, multiracialism and multiculturalism. Opponents of this agenda have been able to utilise Facebook to present the case against these subversive and destructive strategies and the amount of people able to be presented with these alternative message are unquantitive. That’s why Facebook censors dissenting groups on its platform. It isn’t interested in open debate, free speech or the free dissemination of ideas. It is a biased politically and ideologically motivated platform that drives a certain narrative from which no divergence is permitted.

Knowing this, the left has resorted to the use of Repressive Tolerance online. The way they operate is to target a page and mass report the posts that they know and fear will wake many people up in the hope that Facebook will close the page down. They aren’t interested in debating the arguments being made or refuting them, they are only interested in silencing them which should tell you all you need to know. Facebook – being of the same ideological position as these mass reporters – then proceeds to censor posts and pages that don’t conform to their ideologically motivated ‘community standards.’

On all patriotic and Nationalistic pages and groups there will be many people that are opposed to the message being delivered who will do nothing else but report every single post and the page/group that is doing the posting. This is the online version of the silencing attempts the left employ on the street and Facebook allows this censorship to occur because it is not an advocate of free speech, but rather an enemy of free speech.

A prime example of this was not long after we had first set up the Smash Cultural Marxism page and it had attracted the attention of a leftist group that was dedicated to asking its followers to mass report pages that they disagreed with. They came up with a plan to ‘swarm’ the page reporting posts, the page itself and the people commenting. They even created a meme with the time and date of when they would attack the page.

(At the time of writing we are on a 30 day ban on Facebook for posting about the debasement of British Police at the Notting Hill Carnival).

In the last few days we have seen the censorship of probably one of the largest online figures by major platforms such as Facebook, Apple and YouTube. Alex Jones and InfoWars have been shut down essentially losing their following of hundreds of thousands. The reason given was that he was pushing ‘hate speech’ and ‘dehumanizing immigrants’ which goes against the community standards. Therefore it follows that any criticism of mass immigration or the planned displacement of the European people goes against these community standards which means that the platforms mentioned are complicit in what is happening.

Hasbara and Social Media

What is Hasbara?

‘Hasbara is a form of propaganda aimed at an international audience, primarily, but not exclusively, in western countries. It is meant to influence the conversation in a way that positively portrays Israeli political moves and policies, including actions undertaken by Israel in the past. Often, Hasbara efforts includes a negative portrayal of the Arabs and especially of Palestinians.’

In much the same way as Facebook and other social media platforms try and control the narrative and therefore the minds of the masses with their censoring of alternative information, there is also another strategy employed which attempts to control the narrative by saturating social media with propaganda.

The Israeli government actually pays its citizens to go online to try and influence any debate that is critical of Israel by posting relentlessly about how ‘virtuous’ Israel is. At the very highest levels of the Israeli government they know the importance of the information war and the necessity of trying to influence the minds of those that are being introduced to this new information.

The Left in the West operates in much the same way only rather than offering up an alternative narrative however flawed it may be, they want to influence the outcome of the information war by preventing one side from being able to present their information.

Another way in which they operate, is to try and use the law against those who post alternative narratives on current affairs, historical events and mass immigration. They will try and have people arrested for ‘hate speech’ so that they are silenced. The incessant pursuit of evermore restrictive constraints on free speech is designed to stop only one message from being heard.


Twitter employs a tactic known as shadow banning and our own Twitter account has been shadow banned. This tactic is essentially shutting down a profile by not allowing its posts to be seen by the vast majority of its followers. This is a sinister silencing tactic that lets an individual or group continue posting as normal not realising that they are being intentionally prevented from reaching their full audience. Our Twitter account hasn’t grown over the last year or more because of this and with over 7000 followers its reach is minimal because whenever a tweet is made it is unseen by those following and so retweets are almost non-existent.

There are alternative social media sites that are committed to maintaining free speech. However these are not on the same scale as the main social media platforms and have nowhere near as many people using them. Some examples would be Gab, Minds and VK. The reason that Facebook and Twitter are so important is because that is where the people we need to reach are active whereas the other smaller platforms committed to maintaining free speech are essentially echo chambers.

Brittany Pettibone summed it up well when she said:

“All the leftist-dominated platforms seem to have realized that they’re no match for us on an even playing field. Banning our social media and income platforms has less to do with ‘hate speech’ and more to do with a desperate struggle to retain power.”

The way the enemies of free speech succeed is through persistent lobbying. If they fail at one juncture, they continue to lobby, protest and antagonize until eventually they get their way. It may take years, decades even, but they are confident that the continual pressure they exert will see their goals met. Much like the incessant lobbying and campaigning to overturn the restrictive immigration laws in the United States culminating in the 1965 Open Immigration Act, the campaigning for the censorship of the internet will not stop regardless of how many hurdles they encounter. They will not stop because they are allowed to operate in a way that is designed to achieve certain aims detrimental to the long-term interests of the majority. As an example, criticism of mass immigration goes against what this small hostile globalist elite want, and so the criticism must be stopped through censorship. Mass open border immigration is what they want, and so they campaign and lobby for it until they get it. The only way in which their efforts can be nullified is to completely ignore their constant demands.

I’ll finish with a quote that perfectly sums up why it is that the left and the globalists seek to censor the internet. The truth is that they fear the truth. For that truth blows apart their agenda and renders their false arguments defunct.

“When you tear out a man’s tongue, you are not proving him a liar, you’re only telling the world that you fear what he might say.”

– George R. Martin, “A Clash of Kings.”


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