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The Architects of Western Decline: A Study on the Frankfurt School and Cultural Marxism

Originally posted 24th June 2017

This is absolutely one of the best videos available that explains in detail exactly what Cultural Marxism is, its Frankfurt School origins and how it has been implemented through a pernicious strategy known as critical theory.

If you want to play your part in the fight against Cultural Marxism and what is being done to the West then watch and share this video.

This video is crucial viewing for people wanting to better understand what it is that has poisoned Western Civilisation to the point we are at today.

What we are witnessing in the West today is the advance of Marxism under a different banner and using a different strategy. The people of the West have been chipped away at for decades and each new generation is more susceptible to the poison as it permeates everywhere in society.

The target has been Western Civilisation and all of its cultural institutions. Western traditions and morality have been debased, our cultural norms mocked and undermined, our identity targeted through forced multiculturalism and non-whites empowered to rise up against us in our own homelands. Our entire way of life has been altered and our history has been largely falsified and weaponised against us. Our character structure has been targeted by breaking down the influence of institutions such as the Family, school and religion on children. If the working class would not embrace Communist revolution then it was because their character structure had been moulded a certain way by the cultural institutions in Western society.

This subversive ideology is so pervasive and yet it has been so ignored, so much so that it stands on the verge of absolute victory. Our people through their own apathetic negligence have allowed this toxic ideology to infiltrate everywhere unchallenged. It should have been stopped in its tracks, but instead it has been allowed to fester and infect every institution that has embraced it.

It is never too late to change things, but first of all people have to first understand and acknowledge exactly what it is that is destroying the West. They also have to understand the ethno-religious motivation behind those who pioneered this noxious agenda. The first step is through watching videos like this and sharing it so that others can be informed.

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  1. David Brooke

    the indoctrination through education , mass advertising and media/entertainment/hollywood all played their part in getting americans to drink the Kool-Aid of cultural Marxism but it should be remembered that marijuana consumption , use of l.s.d. in particular were used to dissolve attachment to the old culture. l.s.d. apart from being lysergic acid was called ‘acid’ because it helped wash away the ‘conditioning’ of judeo-christian culture. many americans used l.s.d. from mid 60s onwards and perhaps passed on small amounts in their now modified dna to their children. also hippies also used to talk about putting l.s.d. in water supplies of cities , and if this was actually done innocent persons could have imbibed very small amounts of l.s.d. without noticing too much beyond feeling ‘peculiar’ for a day or two. if l.s.d. makes people more suggestible , which it does, then cultural Marxist propaganda could have greater traction.

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