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The Deception of Cultural Marxist ‘Patriotism’

Originally posted 14th July 2017

For many years now, there has been an element within Nationalism that has concerned itself with defending the very Cultural Marxist strategies that have been employed to bring down the West via the subversion of our traditions, our culture and heritage and who portray these poisonous strategies as being part of our ‘way of life’ and as being part of our ‘Western set of values.’

What they are doing is perpetuating and facilitating the Cultural Marxist agenda that is destroying the very heart of Western Civilisation and are using the fight against the Islamifcation of Europe to do it. They portray support for these extreme minority groups in society as being part of the fight against the spread of Islam, when what they are actually doing, is throwing fuel onto the already raging inferno that is Cultural Marxism.

This element that claims to want to defend the West, is usually found amongst the counter-Jihad movements and uses the very socially conservative nature of Islam to express concern for these minority groups within society.

You will often find the rainbow flag flying at counter-Jihad protests for example, and because Islam is opposed to homosexuality, the pseudo Nationalists adopt the homosexual agenda as one of their propaganda methods to attack Islam not realising that the empowerment of the homosexual agenda has been pivotal to the undermining and bringing down of the traditional family and Western morality and has been specifically designed with the undermining and weakening of the West in mind.

Opposition to Islam and to the Islamifcation of the West does not require support for the strategies of Cultural Marxism. It is counter-productive and self-defeating to support one set of toxic agendas to try and defeat another.

The enemies of the West come under many different banners and support for any of them does not help the West, but further weakens it. Wanting to defeat the Islamifcation of Europe and the West at the same time as supporting the militant homosexual agenda and the assault on the traditional nuclear family is the height of naivety and ignorance.


If we look at what multiculturalism means in the long-term for Western nations and the European people as a group, then any support for multiculturalism is antithetical to the long-term interests of the West as is the suicidal notion of integration.

What you find with the Cultural Marxist ‘patriots’ is a foolish desire to adhere to the redefining of what European nations are in terms of race and culture. They are happy to go along with the state ideology of multiculturalism which will engineer whites into a minority and severely weaken our culture, and they do this at the same time as claiming to only oppose Islamic extremism. How exactly is this defending the West in any way? It isn’t.

Opposing Islamic extremism is something that is vital, but ignoring the devastating impact of mass immigration and forced multiculturalism in their entirety is only going to end in the same outcome for the West. What they are supporting is the gradual erosion of our identity, our culture and way of life and our demographic displacement by well behaved immigrants and their descendants who don’t upset the apple cart in the same way as radical Islam.

The outcome is the same, the eventual engineering of the native population into a minority and the deterioration of our culture.

What they utterly fail to realise, is that multiculturalism which is forced by the state, is state sponsored demographic extremism against the native population. The logical outcome of high birthrate immigrants coming to a nation and the implementation of multiculturalism, is the eradication of the native population in their own homelands and you can’t get much more extreme than that. It doesn’t make a difference in the long-term whether they are a problematic community or a peaceful community, combined, ALL immigrants and their descendants are displacing us.

This mindset amongst many of these misguided ‘patriots’ is much the same as many on the left. They support everything the left supports in terms of multiculturalism, the homosexual agenda and transgenderism etc, and only oppose radical Islam. They don’t see any other threats to the West because they are ignorant to what drives these Frankfurt School inspired trojan horse strategies.

They see the West in its current image as something we should seek to uphold and defend. No, the West today is a bastardised representation of what the West should be and opposition to Islam should not mean supporting the West as it is today.

Support for Israel and Jews

If anything sums up the why the West is in the mess it is racially and culturally then it is the widespread ignorance in relation to the Jewish role in subverting the West in their own Jewish group interests.

People often ask why it is that things never seem to get any better and why despite the obvious threats posed by mass immigration it just keeps on getting worse. The reason it keeps getting worse is because the root cause of the problem which is the driving force behind it all is repeatedly ignored and denied. The idea that Jews and Israel are ‘on our side’ is ludicrous in light of the overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

Almost all Jewish groups support mass immigration into the West and support multiculturalism. Like the psudeo patriots, they only speak out against Islamic extremism and against groups that are seen as being pro-Palestinian. This is the only reason Jewish groups get involved with and support counter-Jihad movements. Not because they have any concern for the West, Christianity or Europeans, but entirely because of their own Jewish interests. They don’t mind that European nations will become minority European, they care that Israeli interests are met and that sympathy for Israel is harnessed through the counter-Jihad movements across the West.

The wars in the Middle East that Western nations namely Britain, America and France have been involved in, have been in the interests of Israel and in accordance with the Oded Yinon plan.

These wars have led to a deluge of refugees fleeing the Middle East heading to Europe and Jewish groups are adamant that we must accept them invoking moral indignation against groups that refuse to accept them.

Not only are Jewish goals being met in the Middle East with the fall of regimes that Israel sees as a threat to their hegemonic control in the region, but Jewish goals in the West are also being met through the replacement of the European people and the destruction of Western culture which is born out of a historical animosity towards Christians and the West and a desire for what they see as revenge for historical anti-semitism.

Most of the counter-Jihad movements completely ignore these facts however and continue to proclaim that Israel and Jews are our allies. Nothing could be further from the truth. Just because Islam is more of a visual threat to our nations that doesn’t mean that it is the ONLY threat.

When you see the demonstrations of counter-Jihad movements across the West and you see the rainbow flag and the star of David flying, then that is a clear sign that it is not a genuine Nationalist movement with the interests of the West at heart.

These groups will routinely attack genuine Nationalist groups as being ‘Nazis’ ‘racists’ and ‘homophobes’ because they don’t conform to their artificial brand of patriotism that actually accelerates the ongoing destruction of the West rather than preventing it.

If these groups could remove Islamic extremism from our socities, they would walk away happy with themselves for having rid Europe and the West of an undoubtedly grave danger, but they would carry on living their lives embracing ‘peaceful multiculturalism’ until their children and grandchildren become the minority in their own ancestral homelands. They would be happy for their grandchildren and great grandchildren to live in a country in which Africans and Asians are the majority, a country in which Islam dominates, because after all they only oppose Islamic extremism. They wouldn’t mind a country that has more Mosques than Churches so long as they weren’t promoting Islamic extremism.

In the West we have gone from understanding the threat of mass immigration in terms of our racial identity, to ignoring the racial and cultural aspect and focusing on the religious aspect. The problem is now seen not in terms of numbers and where the numbers are coming from, but what religion they follow and whether they are moderate or not.

Those who concentrate solely on Islamic extremism as being a threat to the West whilst ignoring and even supporting the intentional decaying of the foundations of the West through Cultural Marxist subversion, are equally as responsible for the Wests eventual downfall.

We have gone from understanding the corrosive nature of unnatural societal ills upon the very fabric of our civilisation, to normalising, embracing them and promoting them as being normal natural and healthy and ‘good’ for society.

Basically they support and defend a Weimarian style West that is as equally disastrous for the West in the long-term as Islamic extremism. This Weimarian image of the West that they defend has been nurtured over many decades with sinister intent and malice aforethought.

They claim to be defending our way of life, but what way of life is that?

A way of life that allows children to be placed into households with homosexual partners to be raised without a mother or a father?

A way of life that sees two men or two women getting married as normal?

A way of life that sees the chopping off of body parts and the prescription of hormone altering drugs as legitimate medical practice for what is essentially a mental Illness?

A way of life that allows ourselves to be replaced in our own nations?

A way of life that normalises degeneracy?

What we see in the West today is a contemporary version of Weimar Germany in the 1920s and early 1930s. Absolute cultural rot brought about by the same people doing it today with the goal of bringing the society and culture down. It is the utter debasement of the society and culture in order to destroy it. The only difference between Weimar Germany and the West today, is that we also have mass non-white immigration thrown into the mix.

What they see is the advance of Islam across the West, and what they don’t see is a society that is also being destroyed by Cultural Marxism.

In Weimar Germany it was the Bolsheviks who were pushing the poison, today in the West it is the Cultural Marxists, all come from the same ideology with the same destructive goals.

We can’t expect to prevent the downfall of the West if we continue to ignore all of the strategies employed to bring that downfall about.

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  1. JimB

    A good example of this deceptive “patriotism” is Alex Jones. He once said (and I’m paraphrasing here because I don’t remember the exact wording) “I don’t care if America is 85% brown in 30 years… as long as they promote freedom, love the 2nd Amendment and want to prosper”. Alex Jones and those like him are of course members of the very controlled-opposition this article is talking about. And even if a controlled-opposition movement actually opposes homosexuality, the reading to toddlers by drag-queens (this is happening in my small town of Cookeville, Tenn. at our public library!), Islam, etc., we have to notice that these people and groups oppose “racism” and “antisemitism” also. Both race and Jews are extremely important elements -are in fact at the center- of our current predicament!

    Awesome article!

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