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They will not divide us? Mass Immigration and Multiculturalism have already divided us!

Originally posted 6th June 2017

In the aftermath of the Manchester and London bombings there have been familiar naive cries of ‘they will not divide us’ by a political establishment and civilian population in complete and utter denial.

The same virtue signalling slogans were heard after every attack across Europe of which there have been many.

London – ‘they will not divide us’
Manchester ‘they will not divide us’
Berlin ‘they will not divide us’
Stockholm ‘they will not divide us’
Paris ‘they will not divide us’
Nice ‘they will not divide us’

And on and on it goes, until the next one, and still, it will go on. Apathy rules supreme under the banner of ignorance.

What people fail to realise, is that as a result of Cultural Marxism (which thrives on divisive anti-white identity politics), mass immigration and forced multiculturalism we are already divided.

Our once cohesive, safe and homogenous socities have been fractured along racial, cultural and religious lines by a political establishment that is working against our best interests and in the interests of international finance globalism. When I say the political establishment, I mean the entire political establishment of whatever stripe.

The democratic system which is controlled by international finance and special interest groups, is designed to serve and achieve the goals of the Globalists who desire the eradication of the nation state along with racial and cultural identity and especially the racial and cultural identity of Europeans. Democracy in real terms is the illusion of choice in which any party that doesn’t conform to the established narrative on multiculturalism and ‘diversity’ is routinely attacked by the media, far-left yard dogs, and by the controlled politicians of the controlled party’s.

If we take Britain as an example of how and why we are already divided, we will see just how dangerous mass immigration and forced multiculturalism are and the problems that we now face as a result of having them both imposed upon us. People not living in Britain will more than likely be able to relate to the situation Britain faces from their own national perspective.

Across the UK, there are entire cities and towns that are literally divided along racial, cultural and religious lines. The Balkanisation process is already occurring in Britain even if it isn’t openly declared by the political parasites that have allowed it to happen. The general public can see it with their own eyes, but still, the majority are in denial as to what this means in both the short and long term for Britain and continue to perpetuate their own annihilation with their suicidal voting habits and their unwillingness to heed the repeated warnings they have been given and children are literally dying as a consequence.

You can walk down a street in Britain and
wonder if it is really Britain at all. Not just in the big cities either, but in small towns like Oldham, Bradford, Burnley, Rochdale to name just a few. These places have entire areas that are totally alien to any indigenous Brit. They now resemble the places on the Indian subcontinent from which the ancestors of the new inhabitants had come.

Mosques dominate the skyline, all of the shops are owned by the immigrant and immigrant descended community which exist to serve the growing immigrant non-British population. The haunting and chilling call to prayer lingers as the sound is carried far and wide so that the remaining white areas can hear the advance of their impending demographic dispossession.

A trip I took to London a number of years ago confirmed to me just how dire the situation really is. As I sat on the top deck of a famous red London bus, I was taken through East London and through an area known as Stepney in the borough of Tower Hamlets. In disbelief I looked out onto streets bursting with Muslims in full Islamic dress. All of the shop signs showed that this part of London was now a foreign enclave serving the non-British community. Signs everywhere asked in both English and Arabic: ‘are you an illegal immigrant needing legal advice.’ This went on for the entire journey on street after street.

Upon disembarking and walking around the area, I came across an old church which was well kept and iconic in a way that totally belied the reality of the area in which it stood. Everybody who walked past gave the ‘what are you doing here’ stare as if to suggest that white faces are not wanted in this ‘diverse’ community. The overwhelming sense of hostile conquest left an uneasy feeling. The smells in the air were foreign and everything about it was a depressing look into our dystopian future.

Emerging onto the main high street the extent of this hostile conquest became clear for anybody to see. White faces where nowhere to be seen. Foreign languages filled the air. Aggressive stares left me in no doubt that the new inhabitants of this area see their presence as one of appropriation and not one of enrichment in the spirit of ‘diversity.’

Across the road stood a pub, a run down building surrounded by the shops now owned by the immigrant population. Upon entering, the few old white men sat at the bar stared in amazement at the small group of young whites that had walked through the door. The barmaid in her cockney accent asked what we would like to drink and upon buying our drinks we sat and talked to the few locals who were clear in their statement that this was the last stand of a bygone era and that it wouldn’t be long before this pub was gone.

This is something I have noticed in my home city. In the areas where immigrants have poured in and where they are transforming these areas, the only buildings that remain are the public houses that have the last few mostly elderly whites but even they are succumbing to the onslaught of the demographic colonisation. I find it both infuriating and intriguing to see this happen. What must they think when they look at the surrounding area? Do they care? Or have they just given up?

One of the last things I did whilst I was in London, was to look up the war memorial to the dead Merchant Seamen who perished during WWII. A family member’s name adorned the memorial and looking around at the faces and the total transformation of this area through mass immigration and multiculturalism, the question going through my mind was what would the people on this memorial have thought of the Britain they were told they were fighting to protect if they could see it today? The answer seemed obvious to me.

The above description is repeated right across the country and I am sure many people can relate to it. The shattering sense of racial and cultural alienation in our own country is nightmarish and pervasive.

Multiculturalism automatically leads to the division of different races and cultures within one nation. By its very definition multiculturalism is divisive. Using London as the example again, there are areas that almost totally Muslim, or totally African and many cities have their own ‘Chinatown.’

Different cultural/religious traditions and practices in one society are always going to conflict and so the different communities self-segregate to ensure that their own culture and practices are preserved. The idea that immigrants would simply discard their identity and embrace a new one is nonsensical and goes against every natural human instinct for self-preservation.

This division leads to the conditions for terrorism to thrive especially in the Muslim community that views the host population and country as being at war with Islam. The loyalty of Muslims is not to Britain, but to Islam and Britain to them is nothing but a land in which they live and want to dominate.

They have no love for Britain, no connection to our history, our ancestors and our national heritage. Even if they are born in Britain, it doesn’t automatically make them British in a real sense. They are the descendents of immigrants who have had imparted to them an alien religious and cultural way of life and value system which they rightly see as being totally at odds with the society around them.

What mass immigration and multiculturalism has done to Britain, is to fracture and divide society. There is no unity, only disunity and tension and this is unavoidable. It is a method of divide and conquer employed by those who benefit from the ruination of Britain via mass immigration.

We can use the prison population in the UK as another example of the division that arises out of forcing different groups together. It is now well known that the radicalisation of prisoners in Britain is a major problem, so much so that there has been talk of separate prisons just for radical Islamists. Inside the prisons, Muslims have created gangs that intimidate, threaten and attack non-Muslims. This has led the creation of gangs to counter the threat posed by Muslims. There have been many formerly non-Muslims that have converted simply for protection and for an easy ride.

This is something that has been going on in American jails for many decades only the difference is that the divide is along racial rather than religious lines although the racial aspect will play a part in the UK as well eventually.

Considering the nature of the hostile division within prisons where these different groups are in close proximity, wouldn’t it be fair, reasonable and important to highlight that the same division and hostility also exists outside of the prison walls and that diversity plus proximity equals conflict and is a recipe for disaster?

Politics is another example of how division permeates everywhere. The recent general election has shown just how divided Britain is politically with increasing polarisation and anger. This political division can be over many different issues both domestically and globally. The same was true in America, France and the Netherlands recently. We are now at the point that political violence is being used to silence political opposition. This is a tactic that has been employed by the left for decades now and is known as Marcusian Repressive Tolerance.

When something terrible happens as it did in Manchester and London – and in many other cities across Europe – then it shows just how devastating this division of society can be. However it is not something that can be rectified because the different groups will never give up their own identity to embrace another and nor should we desire such a thing.

The moral of the story here is that they should never have been allowed to come to Britain in the first place and the problem of division in society would not exist on the scale that it does now.

Who benefits from the society Britain has become? Take the view of Tony Blairs immigration minister into account when trying to answer this question.

Barbara Roche, a daughter of Jewish immigrants and Minister of State for Asylum and Immigration from 1999 –2001 said of mass immigration and multiculturalism that:

‘I love the diversity of London. I just feel comfortable.’

And it this mentality that dominates the thinking of her ethno-religious group not just in Britain but across the West. They see mass immigration and multiculturalism as being in their group interests because they ‘feel safer.’ Their overwhelming support for Multiculturalism is rooted in this idea, the idea that the only way Jews can survive and feel secure, is in a heterogeneous society with no European majority and no dominant European culture. Any opposition to her immigration policies were labelled as being ‘racist.’

In her role as Immigration minister under Blair, she presided over the intentional policy of societal, racial and cultural transformation.

In February 2016, a biography of Tony Blair, Broken Vows: Tony Blair — The Tragedy of Power (serialized in the Daily Mail), by British author Tom Bower, described Roche’s alleged part in the deliberate encouragement of mass immigration into the UK during Blair’s time as Prime Minister of the UK.[7]

The Daily Mail, in its serialization, commented thus on the book:

“The most incredible revelations concern Barbara Roche, a little-known MP who was immigration minister between 1999 and 2001. During this period, she quietly adopted policies – with Mr Blair’s approval – that changed the face of the UK.” and “She changed the rules to allow more work permits to be issued, especially to people who would previously have been considered asylum seekers. Stephen Boys Smith, who was then head of the Home Office’s immigration directorate, said: ‘It was clear that Roche wanted more immigrants to come to Britain. She didn’t see her job as controlling entry into Britain, but by looking at the wider picture in a “holistic way” she wanted us to see the benefit of a multicultural society.’”

This intentional policy has led to the situation in Britain today where young girls are blown up at a concert. It isn’t solely down to foreign policy issues that terrorism happens, there is also the reality of human nature which means that forcing different groups together leads to conflict at whatever point in time and for whatever reason. The war in Iraq and the destabilising of the Middle East are part of the story, but if it wasn’t the Iraq war it would be something else whether it be territory, resources, or food.

Lastly, let me just touch on the case that is made for integration.

Integration as far as I am concerned is facilitation and is just as harmful as Multiculturalism. The opening of British borders was never about integration, it was about racial and cultural transformation. Western culture, Western Civilisation and the European people have been and are the target. They don’t want people coming to the West to integrate and to embrace Western values and Western culture, they want them coming to replace them.

The ‘integration’ narrative is a deception and an attempted justification for the levels of mass immigration we have seen. ‘We must integrate’ we are told, but those saying this from the halls of power know full well that this is never going to happen and nor should we desire it to happen. Integration is presented as one of the ideals of mass immigration, the other ideal being that different races and cultures can peacefully coexist with immigrants maintaining their alien identity not being encouraged to integrate.

Either way, as Europeans in our nations, we lose out. Integration or Multiculturalism, both a mutually destructive for Western Civilisation.

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  1. JimB

    Not trying to be a “grammar cop” (I refuse to use the term ‘grammar Nazi’), but the sentence ending with “…and by the controlled politicians of the controlled party’s” needs to be corrected to “and by the controlled politicians of the controlled parties”.

    Excellent article, despite that and a couple of other misspells and phrases that could be corrected for form.

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