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Where does tolerance end?

We are often reminded of the idea that ‘tolerance’ is a Western virtue with an ethical underpinning that characterises Western Civilisation. We are told that ‘tolerance’ is one of the pillars of our ‘successful multicultural and diverse society’ and must be practiced and upheld by everyone.

It isn’t just the left that demands this ‘tolerance,’ the so-called Conservative right also demands and supports this ‘tolerance’ which just goes to show the worthlessness of the so-called ‘Conservatives’ who conserve nothing but the money in their own pockets.

What is tolerance? And how can tolerance be used as an ideological tool of societal, racial and cultural deconstruction?

Tolerance is defined by the Cambridge Dictionary as being a ‘willingness to accept behaviour and beliefs that are different from your own, although you might not agree with or approve of them.’

Sounds like an accurate description of what you would expect tolerance to mean, but sinister and manipulative forces have twisted the meaning to suit their own agenda and to deceive the public into believeing that ‘tolerance’ as they would define it, means tolerating what is bad for you, your country and people.

Tolerance of different ideas and beliefs, has now become tolerance of different racial and cultural groups being forced onto your country through intentional government policy. It means tolerance of cultural practices that are totally alien to our own and which are seen as unacceptable going by our own cultural standards. It means tolerance of hostile groups who mean to cause the public harm, it means tolerance of unnatural sexual behaviour and tolerance of anything that the Cultural Marxist left and the globalist elite tell you that you MUST tolerate. Tolerance now, is tolerating your own demographic genocide and cultural atrophy because if you don’t, then you are a ‘racist’ and a ‘Nazi.’

It is also important to note that the accurate definition of tolerance as provided by the Cambridge Dictionary, is not practiced by those who self-righteously preach about the importance of tolerance. Acceptance of different ideas and beliefs is not tolerated especially if those different ideas and beliefs go against the dogma of ‘diversity’ which just goes to show how the Cultural Marxist left have reinvented the meaning of the term and weaponised it to serve their own ideological interests.

Any ideas or beliefs that are non-conformist and which are heretical in their opposition to the tyranny of forced multiculturalism, are met with militant suppression by the footsoldiers of Marcusian Repressive Tolerance (Antifa), which makes ‘tolerance’ as the left defines it, a deception. Tolerance has come to mean whatever the globalist and Culturally Marxist establishment say is acceptable, and what they deem as being ‘unacceptable’ is violently censored.

What they consider as being unnacceptable, they will always try and shut down through violence and intimidation, which is now a hallmark of the left. Tolerance therefore, is not really tolerance at all. It is a one-way street in which those people who think differently are demonised and ostracised from society all for daring to disagree with what the establishment is doing to Western nations.

It was Herbert Marcuse who said that: “[W]hat is proclaimed and practiced as tolerance today, is in many of its most effective manifestations serving the cause of oppression.”

What he meant by this, was that in his opinion, tolerance of ideas that went against the Communistic worldview had gone to far and he considered this a grave threat to ‘social justice’ and therefore he suggested and encouraged intolerance of those who had different beliefs and ideas through violence if necessary. He said: ‘Liberating tolerance, then, would mean intolerance against movements from the Right and toleration of movements from the Left. As to the scope of this tolerance and intolerance: … it would extend to the stage of action as well as of discussion and propaganda, of deed as well as of word.’

In the mind of Marcuse and his followers, ‘tolerance’ was they said was to be tolerated and anything else was invalid and therefore deserving of violent intolerance.

How far does their tolerance go? How far does Cultural Relativism go?

Does the Cultural Marxist definition of tolerance extend to any and all consequences of mass immigration and the alien cultural practices that comes with it? Does it extend to the practice of Female Genital Mutilation? Terrorism? Honour killings? Grooming gangs? Forced marriage? Polygamous marriage (common is Islam)? The loss of our towns and cities? Creeping Islamification? Just how far does it go? Where does it end? Is there an end? Or is tolerance a never ending mutable concept that changes whenever the enemies of the West demand that it be extended to encompass whatever they want us to tolerate?

Cultural Relativism is the idea that all cultures are equal, that the cultural practices and beliefs of one group are considered to be normal to their culture, but might be considered abnormal to another. Cultural Relativism says that this doesn’t make any culture or set of beliefs inferior to another, and that all cultural practices, beliefs and values are to be understood in the context of the different cultures they come from. Basically we are to ‘tolerate’ the different cultural practices, values and beliefs of other groups even if they are not acceptable to us and are antithetical to our interests as a group. A prime example of this would be the issue of Halal/Kosher slaughter which most people in the West would reject, but which are allowed to take place because of ‘tolerance.’

Many on the left would no doubt consider themselves to be supporters of animal rights, or may even be animal rights activists, yet when it comes to an issue like Halal/Kosher slaughter and the cruelty involved, they suddenly go mute because they don’t want to be seen to be opposing the ‘cultural practices’ and ‘religious beliefs’ of ‘oppressed minority groups.’ Much like the feminist hypocrisy in relation to the treatment of women under Islam, leftists have nothing to say about animal cruelty because it would contradict their own pro-multiculturalism narrative and their demand for ‘tolerance.’

Tolerance can mean death

Tolerance and Intolerance can literally mean the difference between life and death. There are many labels that the left associate with the term ‘intolerance’ including ‘bigotry,’ ‘narrow-minded,’ ‘prejudiced’ and many others. Never do they mention that intolerance is actually an entirely natural human response. If your body is intolerant of something because it is bad for you, it does everything possible to expel it. If your body didn’t do this you would become sick, and quite possibly die. Could there be anything more important then than intolerance which in essence is a self-defence mechanism. What your body is intolerant of, it accepts as being no threat to your health.

As Nationalists, we understand that for a nation to remain safe and healthy, tolerance and intolerance are extremely important. The nation is like the human body, if you look after it it will look after you, if you neglect it, abuse it, and care nothing about what you put into it, then the consequences are always going to be negative. This is why the enemies of Western Civilisation push ideas that are extremely damaging to the nation and culture. At the same time as doing this, they demand that you tolerate what they push, and because it is unnatural the problems soon start to emerge just as they would in the human body.

The psychological aspect of this is also of major importance. The negative and damaging ideas that are put into practice in the West, could not have been so widely disseminated had the people not been psychologically deceived into believeing that they were benefiting from them and that they were being enriched and diversified. They had to convince us that what was extremely bad for us, was in fact good for us.

To use an analogy, it is akin to poisoning a medical patient with drugs you convince him are for his own good to make him better, but which are actually causing him to get worse, and which will eventually lead to his death. He fully believed that those administering him the medication were trying to help him, but little did he know they were slowly killing him. This is what is happening in the West today.

To sum up, non-compliance to the doctrine of mass immigration, ‘diversity’, and multiculturalism, ie intolerance of things you don’t agree with and which you know are bad for your country, leads to the unleashing of violent intolerance against you for that non-compliance. Those who preach about tolerance, only tolerate thought and speech that conforms to their own deleterious worldview.

Tolerance therefore, is not really tolerance at all, but a means with which to engender meek submission to the dogmatic principles of the Globalist establishment which are designed to destroy.

‘Tolerance’ has no limits, and those who have redefined the term will use it to achieve their goals by conditioning the public to believe that opposition to those goals is ‘intolerance.’

Our enemies understand well that “Tolerance and apathy are the last virtues of a dying society.” This is why they psychologically manipulate our people into tolerating what is bad for them and why they encourage an apathetic attitude to everything that is going on around them.

It is the duty of all awakened people to help bring attention to this and to try and help people realise that ‘tolerance’ as the left defines it, is not in their interests.

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