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Free Speech is a Tool for Truth NOT Hate

September 16, 2017

Truth is hate to those that hate the truth

‘All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them.’ – Galileo Galilei

It is the truth that is feared and it is the truth that is hated. If the uncomfortable and undeniable truth is spoken, and it represents a threat to the continuance of the anti-European anti-Western agenda, then they call it ‘hate speech’ and question the morality of free speech as a tool for spreading ‘hate’ thereby advocating the curtailing of free speech if it doesn’t conform with what they want. This is a very slippery slope to be on because who gets to determine what is to be classified as ‘hate speech’ and what is to be acceptable speech?

This is how free speech will be suppressed, by designating speech that criticises mass immigration, forced multiculturalism and those behind it as being ‘hate speech’ and via the enacting of evermore repressive laws that are designed to force people into self-censorship.

They will label non-conformist free speech as being incitement to racial hatred or as incitement to terrorism because it goes against their globalist agenda. Any utterance of a narrative that deviates from the ‘diversity is our greatest strength’ nonsense will unleash the despotic tyranny of the Globalist/Cultural Marxist state.

Why self-censorship makes things worse

Mass self-censorship is what the Globalist/Cultural Marxist establishment want, they want people to fear the consequences of speaking their minds and as we have said before, this is psychological terrorism being waged against one specific group of people to cow them into meek submission as their nations are destroyed before their very eyes.

Any political opinion that goes against the doctrine of multiculturalism and ‘diversity’ is said to be morally reprehensible and this makes people not want to be associated with such a label for fear of being ostracised and castigated as being a ‘racist’ and this leads to self-censorship.

If those who understand what is going on in the West made a conscious decision to speak out, stand up and fight back, then the tactic of inducing self-censorship upon the masses through smear campaigns and moral shaming would fall apart quickly. No longer would they be able to use labels against us, no longer would they be able to occupy the moral high ground and no longer would they be able to advance their destructive agenda unopposed.

What our enemies rely on is our collective submission. If we refused to submit and refused to be intimidated by words then their power over us as a collective would quickly disintegrate and when you think about it logically, you realise that this is why they employ such tactics and this is why they attempt to psychologically control us all. It is to maintain psychological hegemony over our thoughts and opinions.

They want the masses to consider issues surrounding mass immigration as being moral issues rather than seeing the actual long-term consequences of it. They want the public to feel morally bound to ‘welcome the stranger’ and to have empathy for those seeking a better life and at the same time they want to convince the public that to oppose this is morally unjust and that any narrative that seeks to protect a nation, its people and culture is racist, hateful and unsympathetic.

It is ‘neo-nazi’ and ‘white supremacy’ to say that you and your racial group have interests, but they want you to believe that all other racial groups have legitimate interests and that your group interests are somehow illegitimate. This is anti-white identity politics and like we repeatedly say, identity politics is politics designed to destroy white indentity. When whites realise that they too can play the identity politics game, then our enemies go into an atavistic rage which tells you all you need to know about the legitimacy of the above saying.

They need the power of the law and the media to backup their psychological and demographic war against us because without these avenues of influence and control over the masses, they would not be able to get away with what they are doing. Europeans have nothing to lose but their psychological chains and breaking those chains will mean freedom for Europe, freedom for our people, culture, heritage, traditions and most importantly of all, freedom for our children.

Deep Dark Web Deep Dark State

Just as there is a deep dark web, there is a deep dark state. The deep dark web is where parts of the Internet are intentionally hidden from search engines. The deep dark state is where the sinister machinations of the state go unseen by the masses and which are kept from the public consciousness. Both the deep dark web and the deep dark state are used for the purposes of hiding what they are doing.

The most dangerous nemesis to those who occupy the deep dark state is the person who speaks the truth about what they are doing to Western nations. This is why we are now at the stage where mass censorship and control of the Internet is the next stage in the war against us.

The Great Shut Down

The truth that they fear would be inconsequential if it were not having such a major impact upon the collective consciousness of Europeans. The truth would be tolerated to give a veneer of ‘free speech’ and ‘tolerance’ so long as it didn’t become problematic to the alien and hostile elite that hide behind the curtain and who are really pulling the strings of Western and European extirpation.

That the truth is spreading like wildfire and the agenda is being exposed, has led to the beginnings of major shut down on free speech under the banner of fighting ‘hate speech.’ Our enemies have no other alternative if their long-term goals of the absolute ruination of European identity and Western Civilisation are to be met.

The last thing they want is Europeans being red-pilled on a massive scale and with the freedom of the Internet this is a very real possibility and we are already beginning to see this awakening starting to happen hence the great shut down.

Websites are being taken down, social media accounts banned, funding avenues blocked off and people being arrested for being heretical in their opposition to mass immigration and because of their refusal to conform to their own displacement.

Those who do speak out against what is happening to the West do so not out of irrational hate, or out of any desire to oppress or subjugate any other racial group, but because of a deep rooted love for our own and a desire to stop those destroying our people and culture. We want to ensure that our children can inherit nations in the image of their ancestors. Safe nations, proud of who they are, proud of their culture, ancestors, history and traditions. We reject the dangerous and false idea that ‘diversity is a strength’ and that a raceless utopia is even remotely possible or desirable. We are advocates of true racial diversity and respect the rights of all races to have self-determination.

Speaking the truth about the ongoing demographic and cultural assault on the West is not hate, the real hatred belongs to those who want to see Europeans destroyed and who work towards the eradication of an entire group to achieve ideological aims.

Calling something ‘hate speech’ is designed to initiate a pavlovian response in people. When something is called ‘hateful’ then the expected or desired reaction is one of outrage and horror and because of this, any course of action against the ‘haters’ is deemed to be justified which gives our enemies the green light to enact new laws and to suppress freedom of speech.

The majority of people react to such accusations unthinkingly, they fail to critically analyse why exactly somebody would label a different opinion as being hateful. They are conditioned to react a certain way to buzzwords under the impression that not doing so might mean that they would also be considered a ‘hater’ and the last thing they want is to be shunned from the group.

Essentially it is group conformity, the need to be accepted by the group therefore adopting certain standpoints on social and moral issues that you may not totally agree with to avoid standing out. It is motivated by the need to be accepted by the group and the desire to be liked and be seen as ‘morally upstanding,’ all of which overrides what the individual knows to be true. Far from being paragons of moral virtue, they are the epitome of moral cowardice.

It was William Shakespeare who said that
‘no legacy is so rich as honesty,’ and as awakened Europeans we have a duty to be honest and truthful in relaying to our fellow Europeans exactly what is happening to our nations, our culture and who is the driving force behind it.

Truth is oppressive, facts are racist and reality is hate. This is real life Orwellian Newspeak.

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