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‘Victory in Europe’ – The Paradox

Victory in Europe we are told came on the 8th May 1945. It is said to be the day on which Europe was eventually ‘liberated from tyranny’ and set free once again. But how free are we as Europeans in the 21st century? Is Europe post-WW2 really somewhere we can really describe as being free? Did those many millions of men who fought on all sides die for the Europe that exists today?

Could any allied soldier, with the benefit of hindsight, say that he and his fellow soldiers put their lives on the line for what has become of Europe and the West today? Or, given the chance, would they look back and see that far from being an enemy of Europe, National Socialist Germany was fighting to prevent the very society that we now live in? The society which they were told they were defending and preserving. Upon realising this fundamental but never mentioned fact of history, would they have actually joined forces with the National Socialists to defeat the real threat to Europe and the world which was international Communism which now comes in the form Globalism and Cultural Marxism? If they would have had access to the alternative media like we do today, would they have been so easily manipulated into fighting a war which ultimately was never about defending Europe, and which has been utterly disastrous for the continent and for Western Civilisation as a whole?

There are many more questions that could be asked and those many millions of our people who sacrificed their lives during that war and who have died in the years after WW2 will never get the opportunity to answer them. However as the descendents of those men who currently live in the society we are told is one of ‘freedom and tolerance’ which our ancestors died to protect, we can answer them through the lived experience of living in the towns and cities in which the blood of our forebears was spilt in a meaningless fratricidal war that was to the detriment of all European people.

Europe in the 21st century we are told is ‘progressive,’ we are told that ‘freedom’ is a sign and foundation of progress, but is it really?

We are told that the epitome of evil came in the form of ‘nazism’ which we are also told sought to subjugate all of Europe and the world and which we are repeatedly told killed ‘six million Jews in gas chambers and burning pits.’ It has become a narrative that is deemed to be beyond the pale to question as academia, politicans and the entertainment industry  perpetuate the same line incessantly with an almost religious fervour. It has even become a criminal offence in many countries to question mere aspects of the ‘holocaust.’ Where is the freedom to think differently in relation to this period of history? There is no freedom. You will be attacked both physically and verbally if you dare not conform to the official story and you are more than likely to lose your job and could even end up jailed. How’s that for freedom? Is that what ‘Victory in Europe’ was for? Was it so we could be coerced into silence through fear of arrest and imprisonment for questioning history? Was it so people would self-censor through fear of violent repercussions? Is it really ‘progress’ when people are told that they must conform to a narrative endorsed and enforced by the state or face criminal prosecution?

In terms of our day-to-day lives being controlled by tyrannical Globalist puppet politicians, freedom is again just an illusion. In Britain for example, the people voted in 2016 in what they thought was a free and fair democratic referendum with the two simple choices of leave the EU, or remain in the EU. Those who voted to leave were in the majority by over a million votes and despite the parasites in parliament voting unanimously to trigger Article 50 thereby beginning of the process of leaving the EU, the leave vote has been spectacularly if unsurprisingly betrayed. This is a perfect example of how unfree we actually are. We are free only to do as our Globalist overlords deem to be acceptable. If you diverge from the ‘acceptable’ path of Globalism then you are to be silenced, shut down and prevented from airing your views and opinions publicly. Your democratic vote becomes meaningless, your protestations will go unheard, they will be ignored and if necessary will be ruthlessly suppressed. How is that for freedom?

Social media, which is by and large owned and controlled by leftists and Globalists has determined that political opponents to the Globalist Cultural Marxist order are not to be afforded free speech on their platforms making them anything but ‘social’ media platforms and more like politicised propaganda vehicles for Globalism. You are not free to articulate your dissenting political views and opinions if they go against Globalism and the big-tech ‘private companies.’ Yes, the left endorse private companies and private property when it suits them and their agenda. For anyone opposed to the pestilent march of Globalism then there is no freedom online for you. There is no freedom to disagree and to challenge the Globalist orthodoxy.

Are Europeans free to advocate their own interests as Europeans? Can we openly state that we have a right to exist as a distinct racial, ethnic and cultural group within our own ancestral homelands? It is quite clear that Europeans are NOT free to do this. Anybody who does is quickly labelled by the left and by the Globalist establishment as being a racist, a bigot, a white supremacist, a Nazi, a fascist etc etc. It is just fine for Africans to demand self-determination for themselves, but it is not fine for Europeans to do so. Jews see Israel as being their Jewish homeland and see Jewish self-determination as a being a vital aspect of the survival of the Jewish people. However if Europeans make those same demands of having the right to self-determination to ensure that European nations remain places for the European people then again the anger of the Globalist establishment is unleashed and Europeans are morally shamed into silence despite the demand for self-determination being completely normal, natural, healthy and legitimate.

No, Europeans are NOT free to say that they want homelands for their children that are free of mass immigration and forced multiculturalism. How many of those who died believing that they were liberating Europe would believe such a scenario had they been told in 1944 before the D-Day landings?

Our towns and cities now represent the Globalist demographic vision for the future. Europeans are shackled by political correctness and the long arm of the law which is dictated by the Globalist tyrants who criminalise free thinking and the right to critically analyse governmental  policies of demographic displacement. Did those millions of men who died supposedly fighting for our freedom die so that their future generations could be silenced as their nations are purposefully transformed by a toxic, treacherous and putrid elite?

What freedom were they actually fighting for? We certainly don’t see those freedoms today. The idea that a world war was fought with the deaths of tens of millions was to ‘free’ the people of Europe from tyranny is laughable when you consider the reality of today when people languish in jail for thought crime, for wrongthink and for politically incorrect ideas.

The people of Europe and the West conditioned by the Globalist media before, during and after WW2 celebrated ‘VE Day’ as if it was truly the beginning of a new era of freedom. However had they been able to see into the future and were they able to see what was to become of their sacrifices then I seriously doubt a single one of them would see those sacrifices as having been worthwhile.

The formal surrender of National Socialist Germany on the 8th May 1945 did not signal the beginning of freedom for Europe. It signalled the beginning of the end of Western Civilisation and of Europe in particular. Nothing that has happened since the end of that disastrous war has been good for Europe or the West. We lost tens of millions of our fellow Europeans who slaughtered each other on European battlefields and allowed the Globalists free reign to do with Europe as they pleased and that began with handing over half of the continent to Communism.

The people of Europe are increasingly falling victim to the policies of demographic transformation. Rotherham in the UK, terrorist attacks across the continent, murder, rape, robbery the list of crimes is endless and the list of names of the victims even longer than that. Where is their freedom?

If the huge sacrifices made during WW2 were to ensure our liberty and freedom and the ability to speak freely and to think differently then why do people now fear speaking their minds? Why do they fear the repercussions of thinking differently? Why do they live in fear of losing their jobs? Why do they worry about being jailed? Why do they self-censor? Is that what the ‘Victory in Europe’ was for?

Across the UK thousands of young white working class girls have been groomed, tortured and raped by predominantly Muslim grooming gangs which local councils, local and national media, police and social services have ignored and covered up using the attack label of ‘racism’ to silence anyone who spoke out about it. Is that what ‘Victory in Europe’ was for? Was it so our daughters could be targeted by these gangs and so that the establishment could ignore it and attempt to silence people who brought attention to it. Is that what ‘Victory in Europe’ was for?

‘Victory in Europe’ is a Globalist slogan which coerces people into believing that WW2 was a necessary and ‘good’ war. It wasn’t. There was no ‘Victory’ in Europe and there was certainly no Victory for the people of Europe especially those who have fallen victim to the unforgivable and intentional transformation of our towns and cities. Walk around your streets and see what ‘Victory in Europe’ looks like in practice. 


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