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What do the globalists get out of destroying Europe and the West?

This is a question we have been asked many times over the last few weeks. It seems as though many people are now beginning to see what is happening in Europe, but are still unsure of what the motivation behind it really is and are looking for explanations that make sense to them and which are not provided by the mainstream.

There are numerous reasons, but the main reason the globalists want to see Europe demographically transformed is because united European nations and racially conscious European people are the biggest threat to their hegemony over us and so to weaken that consiousness and to make it virtually impossible for Europeans to rise up again in our own interests they have set out to demographically change European nations through mass immigration.

A country that is not homogenous and which has a racially and culturally heterogeneous population with different interests and goals is a country that is highly unlikely to have one section of that population dominate hence the reason they want to reduce us to a minority in our own nations.

A people united by a shared identity, a shared culture and a shared history can be mobilised to advocate for their own interests and can more easily identity hostile out-groups amongst them. A nation that has many different groups residing within its borders means that it is more difficult for those not aware of it to identify who is pulling the strings.

The masses of immigrants from different continents with different cultures also become a smokescreen for a certain minority group to hide behind. No longer is there just one or two easily recognisable minority groups, there are multiple. It allows this certain minority group to become just one minority group amongst many and to present their own interests as being the interests of all so-called minority groups. If there is criticism of this particular group, then they concoct a narrative of victimhood and present this criticism as being an attack upon all minority groups thereby bringing onside other groups to oppose those doing the criticising.

The globalists want a situation in which Europeans can be opposed in our own nations by non-Europeans. They want Europeans weakened to the point of being unable to come together for specifically European interests. They want to be able to mobilise non-Europeans (as they already do) against Europeans by presenting – via their toxic avenues of influence over the public consiousness – European interests as being racist and hateful.

Any movement that advocates European interests is labelled as being ‘fascist’ and ‘Nazi’ again making reference to WW2 and the ‘holocaust’ to appeal to the emotions of European people manipulated by the offical narrative surrounding WW2. This is done to enrage non-Europeans and those Europeans still suceptible to the propaganda. If any pro-white political party starts to achieve electoral success then the globalists will attempt to whip up non-white hostility towards them. They use them as a weapon of war against us. Essentially the non-European populations residing in Europe are being kept in reserve to be mobilised against us when needed to suppress any eventuality of European resistance to globalist tyranny.

Those brought to European and Western shores under the banners of ‘diversity’ and ‘enrichment’ are a means to an already pre-determined end. The globalists have full confidence that they can control the coming majority non-white populations however racially conscious Europeans are a different matter. When we come together in our interests we are the only real threat to the globalist order and they know this. It is for this reason primarily that they seek our demographic demise.

Europeans are the despised nemesis of the globalist cabal that control media, banking and the so-called democratic nations of the West. Europeans are the only people capable of deposing the power crazed madmen from their positions of power and influence over our financial, political and cultural institutions.

You only have to listen to the narrative presented by the likes of Tony Blair who says that “populism could drag Europe back to the 1930s.” What he is really saying is that Europeans shouldn’t oppose their displacement and the destruction of their nations and their children’s futures because otherwise we might end up with a regime like the ‘big bad nazis’ and we might end up with another ‘holocaust.’ This is the nonsense they want you to believe when you dare oppose their sadistic agenda.

EU first vice president Frans Timmermans said recently that war “used to be the European way” and that it had led to Europeans trying “to commit collective suicide” in the two world wars (again making reference to the ‘holocaust’).

He went on to say that “Europe has learned this lesson, this is a mistake we need to avoid,” he said. “Nationalism is like alcoholism, a short period of exaltation, followed by a long period of headaches.

“Nationalism makes us poor because its Siamese twin, protectionism, will destroy the internal market and disrupt international trade…

“Nationalism makes us weak because its eternal seeking of enemies, its disdain of others, its need to feel superior makes cooperation with other nations to collectively guarantee our freedom and security much more difficult.

“If nationalism makes us poor, weak and morally insecure, how can it claim to be patriotic? I maintain that nationalists are unpatriotic.”

People like Timmermans are saying this pathetic stuff because Nationalism is winning in Europe and the EU which is ideologically motivated to see European identity destroyed – as per the Kalergi plan – is in its death throes as nation after nation starts rejecting its globalist anti-European agenda. He’s saying this for the same reasons as his globalist collaborator Tony Blair. He wants the people of Europe to believe that only the EU and open borders can prevent another world war. What they won’t tell you that it was the very same globalists behind the curtains who manipulated and turned European nation against European nation during both world wars during the 20th century. Those wars were not about freedom and democracy, they were about maintaining globalist hegemony. They dragged Europe through two world wars in which scores of millions died all to ensure their continuing monopolistic and mammonistic control over every aspect of our lives.

Ever since the end of the fratricidal second world war these globalist fiends have pursued an agenda of the deracification of the European people pushing for and facilitating mass immigration and multiculturalism to achieve it. Why have they done this? Because destroying European racial identity and homogeneity means they won’t have to face another movement that rises up against them and challenges their parasitic feasting off of our nations. What they fear is the European that can think freely for himself, the European that acknowledges his interests as a German, a Brit, a Dutchman, a Swede, a Dane, a Frenchman etc. They fear the European that is psychologically free from toxic manipulation spread by a toxic media and academia and who can identify those hostile to his nation, his culture and family. This is why they now seek to censor and control the internet.

Mass immigration acts almost as an invisible cloak that masks those behind the demographic terrorism being perpetrated against the European people.

If you take something that is solid and weaken it by creating fault lines then it is doomed to collapse eventually. Earthquakes are a consequence of fault lines and Earthquakes result in chaos, death, misery and destrcution.

An excellent excerpt from an article on the renegade tribune summed it up perfectly and alludes to the fact that mass immigration is by sinister design:

‘The flooding of our European Continent with non-White “migrants” from Africa and the Middle East, who are disguised as so-called “Refugees”, is not a MISTAKE, a “Humanitarian Act”, or a matter of “Incompetence”, but a precise, strategic political move of a globally organized and intricate occult network, which is implementing and achieving plans that are decades, if not centuries, old.’

In summary, what the globalists want is the debilitation of the European people through mass immigration so that we are unable to present a viable threat to the globalist dictatorship. To use an analogy, if you are at war you try and weaken the ability of your enemy to raise an army, you do everything possible to ensure that your enemy is weakened to the point of being ineffective opposition. Mass immigration is a globalist weapon of war being used against us to weaken our ability to rise up in our own interests. Most European nations are led by globalist politicians that actively work against our best interests doing the bidding of their globalist paymasters. If Europeans wake up to this now, then we still have a chance to free ourselves from the globalist shackles of mass immigration, Cultural Marxism and Orwellian censorship.

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