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Why do they hate Nationalism so much?

Nationalism represents an insurmountable barrier to the deleterious ideas of the Communistic left. It is for this reason that Nationalism is so vigorously opposed. Nationalism shines a light onto the deceptive and fraudulent narrative of non-existent egalitarianism which is espoused by the left and this is what drives the left into a murderous rage. The exposure of their unnatural and unobtainable worldview leads them to engage in acts of extreme violence to maintain the illusion of a harmonious ‘multiracial utopia.’

Nationalism is the ideology of a nations working class even if many of them don’t yet realise it. This is why the left push the false idea that the ‘workers have no nation’ and that Nationalism seeks to ‘divide the workers.’

It is no coincidence that wherever Communism has raised its head, Nationalism has risen in opposition to it in defence of the nation, culture and people. The Communistic left demonise Nationalism so much because it is the primary bulwark against the ruinous intentions of those who march under the hammer and sickle.

In the 21st century, the rise of Cultural Marxism (an offshoot and reinterpretation of classical Marxism using Critical Theory) has also led to the rise of Nationalistic sentiment in direct opposition to the Cultural Marxist agenda. This can been across the West with marches for free speech and rallies being held by Nationalist organisations which result in the left trying to violently shut them down. Wherever Communistic ideas threaten a nation, Nationalism rises in opposition to it and in defence of the nation.

With this re-emergence of Nationalism, the enemies of the West have once again shown themselves. The media, politicians and the feral antifa types have shown beyond any doubt what they are about. They have shown that in their version of the future, whites are to be marginalised, shouted down and violently attacked if we dare stand up for our own interests. Like we have said before, identity politics are politics designed to destroy white identity and that whites are now engaging in our own brand of identity politics has driven our enemies mad. Identity politics are for everyone else BUT whites.

Pathologising Nationalism

The war on Western Civilisation and on Europeans has been as much a psychological war as it has been demographic warfare. The psychological aspect to this war is the least known about, but is probably the most important because it is the unseen mechanisms of the mind that are manipulated in order to achieve ideological aims. Psychological warfare against an enemy and to bring a population under psychological control is also synonymous with Communistic movements throughout history especially in China. These brainwashing tactics have been used to advance a number of Cultural Marxist strategies employed against the West in recent decades.

Any manifestation of Nationalistic sentiment results immediately in erratic and wild howls of ‘racism,’ ‘nazi’ and ‘fascist.’ A moral indignation is cast over those who dare to express pride in their European identity and culture. This entirely natural affiliation to ones own in-group is pathologised as being a mental illness and as being among the very worst traits of humanity. In actual fact however, it is the most natural part of the human psyche and can only be altered via a sustained campaign of psychological indoctrination. The survival instinct and a preference for ones own group is as natural as it gets and is something seen right across the natural world.

By designating Nationalism as a mental illness, our enemies hope to stigmatise the Nationalist message and to instill a fear into the public which stops them from considering that alternative viewpoint. At the same as doing this, the enemies of Nationalism who reside in the media, academia and entertainment industries present themselves and their ‘anti-racism’ and ‘equality’ as being the highest of moral virtues. Never do they let it be known that more people have died under the banner of so-called ‘equality’ than have ever died under the banner of Nationalism.

This psychological scrutiny of Nationalistic ideas has its roots in the Frankfurt School and was carried out by people with an ethnic and ideological desire to see the West fall. Their analysis of those who advocate Nationalist ideas was not done impartially, the findings were always going to portray Nationalism as being a pathology because European Nationalism was their nemesis and a major barrier to their ethnic interests.

The main work carried out by the Frankfurt School theorists that dealt with this supposed pathology was ‘The Authoritarian Personality’ written by Theodore Adorno (Wiesengrund). This subversive book of ethnic warfare attempted to portray traditional values of morality and patriotism as being pathologies that needed mass psychological treatment. They claimed that the patriarchal family environment was the root cause of this and that the nuclear family was a micro Fascist institution that led to racism and anti-semitism.

The main thesis behind it was that submission to authority (the father) in the home led to submission to authority in society and to figures like Hitler and Mussolini. Not once did those who produced this work refer to the patriarchal nature of their own Jewish families nor did they mention the potential psychological reasons for people to embrace figures like Lenin, Trotksy or Stalin. It was exclusively designed to portray people advocating European interests as being mentally unstable.

Nationalism is Entirely Natural

Nationalism is the default position for any closely related group of people desiring to protect their interests and preserve their common identity. Communism and all other closely related ideologies are totally against any recognition of group interests outside of the class war narrative that they espouse. They are against the Nation state and seek to eradicate all borders and nations in what they say would be a classless and stateless society.

Nationalism is natures way of providing a safe home for the group, to protect the group, preserve the group and guard the interests of the group. Communism and it’s offshoots are all about endangering this through false ideas that weaken the cohesiveness of the group thereby making the group susceptible to an ideology like Communism.

If their world-view is so morally superior and the world-view of Nationalism is so morally repugnant, then why do they see extreme violence as a requirement to shut it down? Surely the message of Nationalism would be rejected electorally and philosophically by the masses which would do more harm to the Nationalist cause than a few nose-ringed gender confused panty wearing Antifa throwing things and shouting ‘nazi scum off our streets.’

The truth is that Nationalism has appeal, it makes sense, it has an end in sight, it has ideals and provides the best answer for any people in terms of their continuity and preservation. Nationalism is the natural order of things for the group.

Nationalism in its truest form is mutually respectful of the rights of others to exist as separate racial, ethnic and cultural groups. True Nationalism can be mutually beneficial for ALL people regardless of race. True Nationalism is not about expansionism and conquest, it is about securing for your own people a safe place beneath the sun. The enemies of Nationalism who claim to be advocates of diversity are the ones who actually want to do away with that diversity through mass immigration and forced multiculturalism. It isn’t the militaristic Nationalism that the left portrays it as being that we want, we want mutually respectful Nationalism that maintains good relations with neighbouring nations and that respects the rights of all groups to maintain their identity free from the clutches of Globalism.

Nationalism is the true champion of a nations working class and their interests whereas Communism seeks to use a nations working class to advance its own ideological aims. Nationalism aims to protect and elevate a nations working class to a position equal to that of anybody else in the nation. Nationalism seeks the eradication of class distinctions through a sense of national unity, a collective spirit, mutual respect and common goals. Once the working class of a nation realise this they naturally gravitate towards Nationalism and that’s why the militant and violent left engage in Repressive Tolerance to silence the message they know destroys their ideological deceptions.

The Communistic left thrive off class antagonisms and seek to create an environment of extreme class hatred which they need to advance their own agenda. Essentially they use the working class for their own ends and have no real interest or concern for the ‘proletariat.’ Nobody suffered more under Communism than did the poor and downtrodden.

Communism is divisive and sets one section of the national community against another in order to destroy the nation. This is why they support mass immigration and multiculturalism, because they see hordes of imported agents of revolution that they can manipulate and use against the nation and culture and to ultimately displace the host population.

It is a hallmark of Communism to annihilate what they consider to be people capable of leading a counter revolution against them. Anyone who can articulate and expose the fraudulent Communistic narrative must be done away with. The intelligentsia of any nation in which Communism came to power were liquidated, teachers, academics, historians, scientists, politicians, journalists etc. If they weren’t on-board with the new order they had to go.

With the advent of Cultural Marxism in the West, the violent nature of Communism was replaced with the strategy of no platform, slander and labelling. This was how they would render impotent those who dared to stand against them. This is how they now muted the intelligentsia, through alienation, stigmatising and labelling. Whereas once they were silenced by a bullet, now they are silenced through character assassination.

Nationalism is the natural antithesis to Communism/Cultural Marxism, it is the only opposition capable of halting the advance of the enemies of our civilisation. Both the Globalists and their useful idiot Cultural Marxist masses stand against us, but their entire worldview is built on unstable foundations and is destined to failure and collpase as people start to realise who they are and what they aim to do.

Nationalism offers people a future, one that is natural and healthy in which their children can inherit a safe and secure country that looks out for their interests. Nationalism offers people a future in which we can honour our ancestors and defend our heritage, it offers a future of hope.

Nationalism is not about hate, it is about love of what is ours and what has been bequeathed to us. What we hate is the agenda that seeks to eradicate that. This message is one that the violent left know resonates with people, and that is why they violently attack it. Violence is the domain of those who have no argument, self defence against that violence is something entirely different.

Historical examples of prosperous nations built on Nationalistic principles are now portrayed as being the epitome of moral degradation and evil which is designed to further demonise Nationalism in the minds of the masses. All of this is done by alien hostile elite and their fellow travellers in the media, academia, Hollywood, and their lackey useful idiots on the left.

Alternative media has given Nationalism new life, a new way in which to reach our people which thus far has proven to be very successful. This is why censorship of the Internet is now the primary concern of our enemies The violent suppression of free speech on the street is being replicated online as more and more people expressing Nationalist ideas are censored, not challeneged, but silenced because they know the growing acceptance of Nationalism is threatening what they have been doing since the end of WWII.

In summary, our enemies hate Nationalism so much because it stands in their way. They hate it because it represents vitality, beauty, revival, consciousness and hope through national unity. Our enemies know that a people united behind a national identity with a common cause and common identity is unbreakable and that’s why they do everything possible to prevent that unity from being formed. What they want is a divided nation, a nation of self-haters, a nation of degeneracy, a nation of multiracialism, a nation for nobody and therefore a nation for everybody in the pursuit of the nations eventual destruction.

Anything that stands up to protect the nation, the culture and the racial group that made them great, is anathema to them, anything that promotes a healthy society built upon the values of our ancestors is despised, anything that has the potential to resurrect a nation is violently suppressed.

With each passing day the enemies that live amongst us–of which there are many–show their hand. It is time for the people of the West to make a decision, do you want the future that the militant left and their Globalist masters are creating, or do you want your country, culture and people to survive and your children to not have to deal with the fallout of what we collectively failed to stop?

The answer is a simple one for any right minded person.

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